Opinion: How did Mocha Uson earn my indignation?

I know hating someone is a bad habit. Even God himself is so forgiving. So what makes us so great that we refuse to not hate someone? That’s what I ask myself all the time. And that’s also became my anchor; so that I can’t turn in the wrong way. But now, this girl named Mocha Uson, a public figure who’s constantly expressing her opinion (even the most irrational opinion she has) about political personalities, made me turn into a person that I’ve been trying to avoid – a hater!

I personally believe that we as human beings, who were below God, have no right to hate our fellow human beings; because, just like them, we are also flawed in our own way. That’s why most of the time, when I’m being mad at someone, I take into consideration his/her situation. Like, what made him/her earn my anger? Or what made him/her do the things that I don’t like? In short, I like giving everyone the “benefit of the doubt.” (It’s actually my favorite motto). So what made Mocha Uson different from others? And what made me change my mind?

At first, I tried to understand Mocha Uson (always, actually). Because, I told myself that the girl have her own rights to express her opinion, especially in a Democratic government like in the Philippines. I also even disregarded her past because I also believe that we all have our dark pasts or bad decisions we made in the past. That means, we are not so different from her. We are not perfect, as she is. We are also expressing our own opinions towards the government’s dirty politics, whether in Twitter or Facebook or in conversation with friends. But the thing is, we’re not a public figure like her. You might be asking: what’s the difference? Well, the difference is she’s popular. She influences a lot of people. She has a powerful voice but she’s not using that to make a difference; to change bad habits like vilifying others.

Trolls, or netizens who use social media to voice out their unsolicited and hurtful opinions, are forgivable. Why I said so? Because no one will take them seriously. They’re just people blabbing non-sense. Eventually, other people will start ignoring them if no one gives a shit. But when someone like Mocha Uson, a person with a lot of followers (admittedly), try to use her account to voice out her unsolicited and hurtful opinions, of course everyone, especially normal (layman) people will fall for her unreasonable sentiments.

For example, whenever Mocha Uson calls Vice President Leni Robredo a fake and a good-for-nothing leader, other President Rodrigo Duterte supporters (just like her) are copying her. (Gaya-gaya putumaya, paglaki, Putangina)! I actually have the same experience. I remember one time, when I and my not-so-good sister were watching TV Patrol, Mocha Uson was being interviewed and it was about VP Leni. That time, I was one of VP Leni’s supporters and my not-so-good sister was a Duterte supporter. I and she were arguing about that report. As far as remember it was about VP Leni posing for Esquirre, a popular men’s magazine. I bet you know it now. So to cut the story short, my not-so-good sister said Mocha Uson was right to burn VP Leni. (Whuutt?). Even if Mocha Uson’s reason for defaming VP Leni was unreasonable, my sister blindly believed her, as well as other people. Her opinions in social media were getting a lot of likes, shares and replies even if it’s all very much irrational.

I actually don’t even want to share that experience (because it’s so petty), but that was so exasperating and I need to let it out (it’s the purpose of this blog afterall).

And then, just recently, when my friend Trixie shared a screenshot of Mocha Uson insulting VP Leni once again, I was inspired to write this. FYI, I deactivated my Facebook account because I hate seeing articles like that. (That’s also why I don’t have any means to know what’s happening in our country right now – except when I’m watching TV which is very occasional nowadays.)

Who is she to curse at the second highest leader of the Philippines in public? Does she have any decency at all? What would she feel if her mother is being cursed in public? I don’t know what came into her mind to say those words, but she’s very offensive.

So you see, the reason why I hate Mocha Uson right now is because of her irrationality. She always finds faults in VP Leni’s work. It’s always Leni Robredo in her sight. I hate how she uses her social media to spread ‘hate’. I hate how she finds faults in others as if she doesn’t have one – she’s hypocrite! I hate how she degrades her fellow woman just to prove her allegiance with the President. I ALSO HATE HOW SHE DEMORALIZED JOURNALISM! (Girl, you know nothing! Even Jon Snow is embarrassed to be compared!)

You may say that this is another ‘bias’ opinion because I was one of VP Leni Robredo’s supporters. To be honest, I still am. I can’t prove to you that this blog has no bias content. That’s why I put “opinion” in the title so that you won’t say it’s, “another yellow journalism.” It’s my opinion and you’re free to hate this, too. I won’t stop you. It’s your choice and it’s your right. But let me just say this: We are free to express our opinions as long as we are not degrading someone’s pride. I may have hurt Mocha Uson’s feelings by writing this, and I’m sorry for that, but I believe it’s the right call to do this because the woman is being despicable. I think it’s the right time to let her know that she’s being disrespectful of others. And she’s not God to hurt other people, the same as I am.

I know I’m not the first person to call Mocha Uson’s attention by writing opinions like this. And I know that there might be no chance for her to see this. It may be for nothing at all. And that will be my own loss. I just want to let out all this animosity inside me so that I can go back to that understanding person that I was once.




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