Happy Thoughts: Book Hauls!

Once again, I’ve exhausted my wallet by buying – wait for it – BOOKS! So much for saying I need to be frugal this month because I still don’t have a job. (I’m a sucker, I know).

Today I bought eight gems from “Books from Underground” and “Booksale.” Here are those:

  1. Gone with the Wind – Php 110
  2. The Hobbit – Php 180
  3. Little Women – Php 110
  4. Jane Eyre – Php 75
  5. Macbeth – Php 25
  6. The Merchant of Venice – Php 50
  7. Eldest (Sequel to Eragon) – Php 150
  8. Twilight (because I still don’t have it) – Php 150

So in total, I spent Php 850 for all those gems. Honestly, I wasn’t actually planning to buy books because I’m still insisting that I need to be thrifty this month. But when I saw Jane Eyre in Booksale, which I remembered I promised myself to read, I forgot all my inhibitions and totally started geeking out at the book store. I remember people staring at me as I beamed from ear to ear. I was actually inspired to buy Jane Eyre after reading Bewitching last night. Then instantly, I decided to buy other classic books that were mentioned in Bewitching. Unfortunately, there are just few classic books both in Booksale and BFU. So this was what happened:

At the booksale, I bought Gone With the Wind, Jane Eyre, Macbeth, The Hobbit, and Little Women. The funny thing was, when I entered the Booksale, I was thinking of buying Jane Eyre only. And then as I turned in one corner of the bookshelves, it was instantly presented to me as if someone was reading my mind. I instantly grabbed it and I was so happy; as if the world is conspiring to make me see it and read it already. I was so overwhelmed in that moment that I’ve tried to look for other classic books, in case there still one that will magically pop-up in front of me. Alas, none had come, only Macbeth which was priced Php 25; so cheap so I decided to take it, too! Then after skimming for a long time, I decided to pay already. But then I saw Eragon Series’ box — Eragon was one of my favorite fantasy movies. Sadly, it actually cost a fortune (Php 500 tbh) for a lowly girl like me. I can still afford it but I’m really trying not to spend a lot that time. That’s when I remembered Books From Underground—a place where cheap books are hidden.

I also saw The Hobbit (which was the last missing piece in my Lord of the Rings series) and Little Women (another classic) at the Booksale. I wasn’t planning to buy them actually. But when I went to BFU, where I was hoping to find Eragon, I found a hardbound of The Hobbit which cost Php 350. (Pricey, right? Now you have a hint on what happened next. HAHA) I also found Eldest (the second book of Eragon) — minus the Eragon itself — and Twilight (also the last missing piece in my Twilight saga). Then I also got Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice (also one of the mentioned books in Bewitching) in BFU.

I was so devastated with the price of The Hobbit at BFU. So I returned to Booksale and bought the low-cost Hobbit and added Little Women in the list. But then again, I saw another precious gem, the Gone With the Wind. I bought it, too! (Yeah, so much for being thrifty, right?)

At the end, I spent so much more than I ought to. But I’m not regretting my decisions. I was happy when I got home, even from so much hunger. I have my precious books with me. What is hunger, when my heart and brain are full? HAHAHA





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