A Reference For Future Someone

At the age of twenty-two, I’m still single. I’ve never been in a relationship — NBSB as they say it. Because of that, I have this kind of self-introspection habit where I always think of things that made me so unapproachable that made guys refuse to talk to me or even hang-out with me.

Before, I think the reason why I’m still single was because I’m not pretty enough. (I’m talking about “pretty” in the sense of perfect body, good facial features, cool fashion sense, and smart brain. And I’m honestly trying not to sound very judgmental towards myself here but I think I still sound so judgmental. HAHA). But right now, now that I’ve finally accepted my flaws and other misgivings, I think the reason why I’m still single is because of the way I approach men around me. To be honest, I’m actually not the usual kind of girl who shows her real feelings towards anybody. But what I not tell you in words, my actions will.

So, that being said, I’m writing this blog as tips for that guy who will break down my walls and will capture my heart. (So cheesy! Erk)

How will you know if I’m into you or not?

  • When someone tells you that I like you (without me telling you that first) and I don’t react, that means I’m NOT into you. Or when I didn’t deny nor acknowledge it, that only means I’m very much NOT into you.
  • When I vehemently tells you that I don’t like you yet I sit beside you even though there’s a lot of vacant chairs in the room, that means I’m into you.
  • When I laugh even at your silliest jokes and I banter most of the time with you, that means I really like you.
  • When I argue a lot with you, that doesn’t mean I totally disagree with you. It means I love to know your point of view and I love talking with you. That means I’m super into you!

Basically, I don’t show directly to the guy what I really feel about him. So I hope “future someone” could figure out my actions and will know how to handle those actions. I hope he’ll be patient with me.

What should you do when I’m mad?

  • Sing me a romantic song. (I love David Pomeranz and Air Supply)
  • Hug me (?) and sing me a song.
  • Just don’t talk, I guess. But sit beside me and sing me a song.

Just sing me a song and everything will be okay. If you know how to play an instrument, that would be awesome.

What should you give me during those “special days?”

  • Give me a letter or notepads with short messages!
  • Give me a book (novels) with a short message.
  • Give me a notebook with poems or messages.
  • Give me a printed picture or postcard with your personal message.

Letters will be your way through my heart. No need to buy me expensive gifts (but you can still give me something if you really want to. HAHA). I’m just a simple girl living in a simple world.

Where should we go on a date?

  • My rooftop, not in my room.
  • Your rooftop, not in your room.
  • Not in Starbucks!
  • Not in a fancy restaurants.
  • Arcade
  • Theme park with scary rides. HIHI
  • Mountains

I love going to quiet places that are kind of sentimental. But I also love going to places where adventure lies.

What should we do when we’re actually fighting?

  • Let’s talk about the problem however difficult it may be.
  • Let’s be honest with each other even if it hurts.
  • If we can’t face each other ASAP, let’s give each other 5 days (max) to sort out our differences.

All I want to say is, let’s talk about our problems. Even if it’s hard, don’t let things get through us. I promise I’ll be the most understanding girlfriend in the world (even though I’m the craziest person I know).

Before you can entirely break down my wall, you need to know all of these tips first so that you can have something to help you understand me. I know there shouldn’t be a cheat in a relationship but I think it will be a good thing since I’m the most difficult person to decipher as far as I know.


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