My Mother’s Advice About Having Your Dream House

In everyone’s wish list there is always an entry for “my dream house.” It may not be in everybody’s number one spot, but it’s always there. But based on, building your own house is not easy as 1-2-3. Before you can get down to it, you need to do some imagining and a lot of asking.

Just like in school, you need to do your homework to pass the subject. In this case, before you can have your dream house, you need to create your own checklist.

There are a lot of articles online about home buying that can help you when you start thinking of building or buying your own house. However, it’s hard to tell which one is the most effective. Nevertheless, I can share you some personal home buying tips that I got from my mother’s personal experience.

Step 1: Visualize your dream house

First, before buying your dream house, you need to visualize it. Do you want a big house or a small house? Where do you want it to be built? In what area or city? What are the essential things that you want your house to have? Do you want a personal office with a big library space? Would you like it to be closer to schools, supermarkets, hospitals, and other establishments? Or do you want it to be placed in a quieter environment?

Create a list of must-haves features for your house. Imagine the style of the house that would fit your personality. You can try searching online for some home ideas if you are still confuse on what you like. According to my mother, this is the first step because it’s good to imagine your house so that you can set your expectations on how much it will cost you.

Step 2: Calculate your finances

As you visualize your dream house, you have also probably visualized the cost. So the next step will be to know how much you are going to spend.

Calculating your finances or how much you can afford to buy or build your dream house is the main thing. Most articles online suggest mortgages when you’re planning to get a house. In this case, my mom has no personal account on how mortgages work because she financed her house from her personal savings. But based on my research, there are banks that offer different home loan rates. And from what I gathered, it’s best to get a pre-approved loan to help you determine your budget before building your dream house.

Admittedly, I don’t have a grasp on funding a house. But I suggest you go to the nearest bank, since nowadays banks are your most reliable source when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. Ask them about mortgages and home loan rates to be sure.

Step 3: Get some professional opinion

If you are a first time home buyer, it’s really important to get professional opinion or at least some advice from your friends or family. Researching is not enough. There should be at least some personal touch from people who have experiences.

In my mother’s case, she asked her friends to educate her about the whole process of buying a lot from the market and building her own house. She also got some help on handling important papers for the house like clearing land titles, etc. You can also get professional opinions from real estate agent if you have the means to do so.

Today, my mother is now building her dream house in Cotabato City where her old friends and family live.

These are just the basics that I got from my mother’s experience and from reading some articles. There’s actually a lot more things to consider before getting your dream house. But at the very least, try reading those articles about home buying online. It may be redundant at some point but it will surely be helpful.

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