What I Loved about the “Flipped”

A Very Short Summary: When Juli Baker  met Bryce Loski for the first time, she instantly flipped (falls in love). Unfortunately Bryce didn’t feel the same way. He’s scared of her. But when they started attending middle school, the world turns around. (I know you know what I mean).

This is the first teen romance book that I’ve read and it’s really awesome. It’s a very subtle love story between two teenagers and it’s very romantically written. If you’re a hopeless romantic, this one’s for you.

But actually, it’s not just about love for the opposite sex, it’s also about the love for nature, Juli’s love for nature. I love how she describes the view above the sycamore tree, it’s very liberating. It’s like finding tranquility in a good place. (You may say all books can do that and I agree, but this one’s different). I feel like I’m part of the story when she describes the entire scenery.

Also the good thing about this book is that it has two way of telling the story, or it can be three if you includes the author. HAHA. I mean, you’re not just having the author’s perspective, you’re also having Bryce and Juli’s perspectives (there’s only few books with these kind of set-up. Usually, it’s always the author or the character, vice versa). You can understand both of their sides and why they act that way. It seems like you’re having three worlds (the author’s, Bryce’s, and Juli’s) in a book and that’s really fascinating.

Really, it’s a wonderful book. One of the many books that I love. So I’m recommending that you read this one and fall in love all over again. Hihi

Note: If in case you’re not a book lover (sadly), there’s a film based on this book so you may watch it instead. But I really recommend you read the book cause it’s really amazing.


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