School Requirements: A review of “Sonata”

Sonata is obviously the quality of film that you can expect from the masters of film direction, Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes. It is truly one of those films that you’ll be thankful to have watch because of its realistic concepts and elements, whether in terms of its cinematography, production, sounds or other film elements.

When the film starts, I immediately noticed the resemblance of the Sonata to Oro Plata Mata, also one of Director Gallaga’s films, and I immediately thought that “maybe it’s one of Direk Gallaga’s trademark”. The setting of the film looks like the same as that of the Oro Plata Mata (OPM), especially the house that was used. Another thing that made it similar to OPM is obviously the casting of Ms. Cherie Gil for she was also one of the main cast in OPM. Aside from that, the location also looks the same as the Oro’s. I felt that it’s OPM all over again.

I can really say that the setting was one of the major factors that make the film more convincing especially on the parts that it attacks the emotional sides of the scenes. Emotions or feelings like tranquility, sadness and happiness. Also it adds some natural sounds like birds chirping and other sounds of insects at night that make the film so natural.

Also what makes this film more appealing to me is that it didn’t show Cherie Gil (Regina Cadena) here as an antagonist or her usual ‘bitch’ character. She has a different persona here compare to what she always plays in her other movies or TV series. Actually, it’s my first time to see her as a protagonist. Her acting is really convincing, especially in that part where she heard the bad news about the death of the little boy who was close to her. That was also the time that I started to cry because for some reason, I felt her agony through her expressions and actions. Also the young boy, Chino Jalandoni (Jonjon), was a really good child actor. He was basically the proof of the saying, “Do not judge the book by its cover.” I didn’t expect him to match Gil’s performance. Truly, he’s not just some kid to belittle. He’s a great actor so I won’t doubt if he win an award for his performance in this film. While watching the film, I actually remembered Magnifico in Jonjon’s character because they somewhat have the same characteristics like they both have a big heart, allowing them to be easily loved by other characters.

While watching the film, I realized that it is so disappointing that nowadays only few people can appreciate these kinds of films

Watch the full trailer of the film here!


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